In 21 years of helping people buy term life insurance online, we've tried a lot of things. Seven website redesigns, roughly 30 life insurance companies, and at least five company logos that I can think of. Despite all this change, one thing has stayed the same: anonymous quotes.

Since our very first website in 1996, we simply do not ask for your contact information to get a quote.

What is a 'Free' Quote?

Think about it. Is a quote really free if you have to give something for it? It may not be money, but your contact information is just as valuable. The only reason a company would ask for this is that they want to call and email you endlessly until you either apply for a policy or tell them to stop. Well, we don't have time for such shenanigans, and we bet you don't either.

So view as many free quotes as you like. Take your time. Come back again and again if you want to. Just know that we'll be here to offer help when you're ready for it.

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